Atlas Genius Talks Music and Life As A Festival Playing Band


It’s always nice to stumble upon bands that you’ve never heard of before. You know, those bands with such a unique sound you just can’t seem to turn them off? If it weren’t for Pandora® and my favorite Two Door Cinema Club radio station, chances are, it would have taken me a bit longer to find the distinctive Australian indie band that is Atlas Genius. After their hit single “Trojans” took off across the nation through iTunes and various music blogs, life for the boys of Atlas Genius has been anything but monotonous and slow. I caught up with Keith Jeffery, the lead singer of Atlas Genius, to talk about their quick rise to indie music stardom before their show in Sacramento last Wednesday. They are currently on tour, with stops at major summer music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. Read on to hear more about Atlas Genius and be sure to check out their first album, Through the Glass, or the newly released When It Was Now. The eclectic mix of sound these boys have to offer in their songs will definitely get you off your feet.


What would you say are your guys’ musical inspirations?

Very good question; growing up I loved Beck and Nirvana. We actually did some things with Jimmy Eat World recently, and we remembered how great of an album “Bleed American” was. Jimmy Eat World was also a huge inspiration for our drummer, Michael Jeffery, so it was cool being able to work with them, especially since we remember listening to them all the time.

So why choose music? What pursued you to play?

Honestly, the desire to express ourselves to anyone that’s willing to listen, but most importantly our fans. It’s an amazing feeling when you finish writing a song and like how it sounds. It doesn’t always happen, and it’s definitely a lot of work, but ultimately it’s a feeling of achievement. There’s nothing that really compares with listening to a song when it’s finished, hearing how it sounds, and knowing that you made that happen.

How did you guys feel after hearing that “Trojans” had sold thousands of tracks, even before you guys were signed?

It was funny actually. We were talking to Jonny Kaps, our current manager, and it was around this time that we agreed we were going to work together. He was about to become our manager and he decided to check the sales of “Trojans.” It had sold 10,000 copies, and this was before we were signed. We were blown away that so many people had even listened to it. We were like, “hang on something’s happening here”. At the same time, we were giving the song away for free on our website, so you could download it from a bunch of other places as well. We were just happy that people were not only interested in our music, but also wanted to buy it as well.

You guys are playing at some huge music festivals this summer, including Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. Who are some of the bands that you’re most excited to see play?

 The Cure is playing at Lollapalooza & Paul McCartney at Outside Lands, so I’m definitely excited to see them. Seeing part of the Beatles play? Doesn’t get much better than that.

What’re some of your favorite tracks off the new album?

Definitely “Centered On You” and “Back Seat.” “Centered on You” has a darker feeling to it and captures a mood of indecision that I really like. “Back Seat” was just really fun to write, and didn’t take that long to compose either.  There’s a part of it that’s unapologetically present as well that I think is really cool.

Check out Atlas Genius’ website for their upcoming tour dates; they put on awesome shows that are fun and definitely memorable. Don’t forget to check out their new album, When It Was Now – out now on Itunes!