Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

For those of us still in school, Memorial Day marks that last break before summer officially begins. Regardless of if you may be home for summer or not, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to leave your monotonous routines and work behind, and unwind. Everyone deserves a break and a chance to let go of any unwanted stress, so take advantage of your freedom this three-day weekend. Here’s a look at a few different weekend getaway ideas that will ensure fun-filled memories for you and your friends.

Getaway 1: The Beach

Let’s face it; the beach is absolutely beautiful no matter the time of year. But with the summer season quickly approaching and the weather starting to warm-up, it’s a prime time to cruise over to the beach. Whether you’re just hanging out tanning, surfing, or even exploring the unique shops and restaurants of beach cities, a beach getaway definitely won’t disappoint.



Getaway 2: The City

The city has endless possibilities and always leads to an adventure. And what’s better than that? No matter which big city you decide to visit, there are so many different things that you can do with your friends. Honestly, just go explore and find something or somewhere that catches your eye [ex: museums, restaurants, shops, etc.]. Regardless of what you decide to do, the culture and lively atmosphere of the city will lead you on a rad adventure



Getaway 3: Destination Unknown– Take a Road Trip

Okay so maybe you don’t live near the beach or a city worth exploring. Problem solved: take a road trip. Grab a group of friends, decide on a destination, and just go. Road trips are probably the most perfect example of being spontaneous and letting your mind run wild, and they are always super fun and memorable. There’s no need to stress about planning, things will run smoothly, and if not, hey, at least it’ll make for a good story.