The Great Gatsby: The Great American Novel and Highly Anticipated Film


High school English classes primarily meant one thing: reading a bunch of boring books that we could really care less about. Every once in a while however, there came a book that would captivate our souls, transform our realities and transport our minds to a different era. One of those books for me was the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby.

Set in what is probably my favorite historical time period, the Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby quickly became a book that I absolutely adored. Let’s be honest here, how could anyone grow tired of the cool, mysterious, yet ever so fascinating Jay Gatsby? And for those of you that loved the novel as much as I did, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. This Friday, May 10, The Great Gatsby will finally hit the big screen and our obsession over Gatsby and the 1920s will come to life.

Not only does the cast look amazing (Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby? Yes please, talk about a heartthrob), but the recently released soundtrack is pretty sick as well. Executively produced by Jay-Z, the mix of artists on the soundtrack creates the spirit of the Jazz Age without disregarding the influence of our modern time.  Don’t believe me? Click here and have a listen yourself; you won’t want to turn it off. From songs that incite energy to others that heighten the intensity of sexuality and passion, Gatsby’s era quickly becomes manifested and relatable to our own.


With the movie coming out this weekend, take The Great Gatsby or the 1920s in general and have some fun with it. Throw a Gatsby themed party and dress up in 1920s inspired outfits. Dressing up isn’t really your thing? Just go out and see the movie then! Go with some friends, or make a date night out of it. Take your special someone or that cutie you’ve been talking to recently and have a lovely night on the town. Whatever it is that you decide to do this weekend, nothing reflects the spirit of the novel and movie more than opening a bottle of champagne and making a toast to the effortless splendor of Jay Gatsby.